Radiant Happiness – Meeting Customer Expectations

Radiant Happiness – Meeting Customer Expectations

My company, and its predecessors, first started making electric radiant heating and snow melting products in 1979. Over the years many different products have come to market, some good and, others, well let’s just say, they don’t last long. Based on experience, I have come to appreciate that it takes more than just a great product for a snow melting or radiant floor heating project to be successful and serve the customers needs over the long run.

I have seen electric radiant heating projects that were installed as early as 1979 and 1980 that are still delivering the promised value proposition today. Most of these projects have performed year after year and never required a service call which is one of big advantages that electric radiant products have over their hydronic or hot water, boiler based, competitors.

On the other hand I have seen radiant projects, electric and hydronic, which were either not well designed and/or poorly installed. Let me assure you that unlike wine, port, or whiskey, poorly designed and/or mis installed radiant projects do not get better with age, unfortunately they get much worse.

Can you imagine owning a home with a heating system that almost keeps you comfortable? Or one with a driveway snow melting system that sometimes melts all of the snow and ice? How much good does a roof snow and ice melt system do if it is not properly designed to provide an exit path for the water created to escape the roof? If only part of the floor is warm how happy will you be with your floor warming system?

Obviously, a great product, professional design and quality installation are essential ingredients for long term happiness with, and success of, any radiant project. My experience shows that if a qualified electrical contractor, contractor or handy man is armed with a great product, well thought out design and adequate installation instructions and technical support the result will be a radiant product that will easily satisfy the most discriminating customer’s needs and desires.

The good news is that all three of these essential ingredients are available from qualified professionals working for established companies. I have been involved in the manufacturing, design and installation of radiant heating and snow melting projects since 1996 and without exception, happy customers are the result of great products, professional designs and quality installations.