FAQ Category: Heatwave

How do I upgrade my thermostat to a touchscreen thermostat?

To upgrade the standard programmable thermostat (M429) to a programmable touchscreen thermostat, visit http://tilewarming.com and purchase the $170.00 touchscreen thermostat (M429-TS). Once you receive your new thermostat, send back the thermostat you received with your original Amazon order to the following address (You are responsible for paying return shipping costs), and you will receive a credit

Can I get a WIFI Thermostat?

We do have a WIFI enabled thermstat available for the Heatwave system, however we keep a limited supply on-hand due the higher price of the unit. Please contact us about the availablity of these units. 1.888.239.1232

Our system got cut/damaged, what do we do?

In the event that an accident has occurred and the heating element needs to be repaired, please visit: http://www.radiantshop.com/repairkit to purchase a repair kit. NOTE: This will have enough materials to do ONE repair. DO NOT repair the system more than two (2) times.

The thermostat says “E2?”

This is a sensor problem, here are a few fixes: Check to ensure the thermostat is firmly connected to the “C” and “D” ports behind the face plate of the thermostat. If you did not install a floor sensor or it is damaged, set the thermostat to red ambient temperature: Press the OK button twice