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Floor Heating can provide a comfortable environment taking the chill off of cold floors without providing the heat required for the entire space. Space Heating requires the heat loss of the space to be evaluated in order to design a system that will provide sufficient primary heat.

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If you have access to floor joists below and do not plan on installing new flooring, you can choose to do a retrofit application with ZMesh.

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Electric Radiant Floor Heating for Any Surface

Heatizon Systems electric radiant floor heating products offer the most versatile solutions for any surface you want to heat.  Our premier and quality in-floor heating and space heating systems can take you back to luxurious and comfortable warmth in every space of your home or office. Generating an even heat source from the floor up, these systems offer un-matched longevity and performance. Floor heating systems promote indoor air quality, reduce maintenance, and offer heating efficiency at a comfort level unmatched by conventional heating methods. Browse our floor heating applications below to learn more about our unique low and line voltage systems.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating solutions for each application:

Heating Stone and Tile Floors with Radiant Heat


Find the best solutions to warm tile, stone and hard surfaces with low or line voltage electric floor heating products from Heatizon. Learn more...
Heating Hardwood Floors with Radiant Heat


Explore the options of beautiful hardwood floors that are heated without the worry of nails using low voltage ZMesh from Heatizon. Learn more...
Heating Carpet Floors with Radiant Heat


Find gentle and even radiant floor heating for carpet in basements, offices, cold bedrooms over a garage, or anywhere with low and line voltage products from Heatizon. Learn more...
floor heating systems for floating floors


Floating floors with their ease of installation deserve to be paired with the best floor heating systems that will last.  We recommend the right system for your application. Learn more...

Specifically Designed for Each Application

Medium and large areas can be heated very easily with ZMesh, Tuff Cable, or Cozy Heat. For smaller areas like heating a bathroom floor, we have designed our low voltage Floorizwarm System and line voltage Heatwave Mats and Cables.

Our products fit any floor covering. If you are nailing down hardwood floors or laying carpet, ZMesh is a perfect floor heating solution that can be nailed and stapled through causing no floor buildup!

Installed directly under any surface, our in floor heating systems are easy to install and offer years of maintenance free comfort.Heated Floors

Heated Floor Products Built for Safety

Step out of your shower with peace of mind where our low voltage systems are installed, knowing your bathroom or kitchen floor is heated with the safest systems on the market.

Worry Free Reliability and Longevity

The entire Heatizon Systems electric floor heating product lines are solid state, have no moving parts to wear out, and have nothing that requires routine maintenance. In addition, our quality floor heating elements are the longest lasting available and are backed by our industry leading warranties. Completely eliminate maintenance with the most reliable radiant floor heating source available for whatever floor covering you may have.

Radiant Floor Heating for Efficiency

Utilizing 100% of the energy it draws to create heat, Heatizon products are incredibly energy efficient. Our systems also radiate heat directly towards room occupants allowing them to be comfortable at lower thermostat settings. Because radiant heat energy is stored in your floor and other objects, warm temperatures are easily maintained, resulting in low energy consumption.

Heatizon FAQs

You are here: Home Products Radiant Floor Heating
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