Its Is That Simple!

by Steven Bench
Managing Member – Heatizon Systems

I recently received a telephone call from a long time, and very pleasant, customer located in the Mid West portion of the United States inquiring about the location of a Heatizon Systems’ Distributor.  The customer proudly informed me that she had purchased a new home and she intended to use ZMesh radiant floor heating to warm her home’s floors and melt the snow and ice off of its eaves, just as she had in her two previous homes.

After providing her with the names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of a couple of qualified Heatizon Systems’ distributors, I told her how thankful I was for her business and ask if, She would be willing to tell me why she has repeatedly used Heatizon Systems’ products?  She said, “I purchase ZMesh because it is a great product supported by very honest and knowledgeable sales and technical people and anyone that reads the installation manual can easily install it.  It is that simple!”

Following our conversation I reflected upon the words the customer had spoken and found comfort in knowing that her words supported many of my basic beliefs as well as Heatizon Systems’ objectives.

Great Products

In 1996, when Heatizon Systems opened for business, it was our objective to provide the absolute finest products possible to our customers.  Over the years that objective has guided us very well as our business has grown.  So well, in fact, that it continues to be one of our primary objectives and one of the many things that make us different than much of our competition.

Honest and knowledgeable Sales and Technical People

How can anyone expect to have satisfied customers if they have not invested in the human and other resources necessary to serve them?  Furthermore, how can anyone expect to have a long term relationship with its customers if it fails to treat them in an ethical and honest manner?  The answer to both questions is that they cannot!

Heatizon Systems and its Distributors go to great lengths to be radiant product, design and installation experts and we expect ourselves, and our associates, to be honest and ethical in all of their dealings.  A representative of Heatizon Systems’ products may tell you “no” or “I do not know” but they will never tell you whatever you want to hear or fabricate an answer just to make a sale.  Sales are very important to our business but customer satisfaction is what allows us to stay in business!

Read the Installation Manual

I have never received a telephone call from someone that both read Heatizon System’s installation instructions and had a problem installing one of our products.  I have, however, received several telephone calls from those that did not read the directions and had installation problems.  It is that simple!