Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Electric Radiant Floor Heating

By Steven Bench

Several times each week I get ask the question:  “Which is better low voltage or line voltage electric radiant heating and snow melting products?” The answer I always give is:  “Tell me more about your project and I will do my best to answer your question”.

It is a fact that many different products exist for warming floors and radiant heating interior spaces.  The available products vary in appearance, installation requirements, quality, performance and price.  Of course most of us are able to quickly determine the appearance and price differences but few of us are able to accurately gage the difference in quality, performance, and installation requirements without gambling, gaining more knowledge or seeking the aid of an expert.

Gambling can be fun and on rare occasion in my experience profitable but, it probably is not the best method of choosing which electric radiant heating product is best for your project.  Becoming knowledgeable on radiant heating products and the proper installation of each is certainly possible for most of us, but most of us do not have the have the time and desire to truly become proficient at it.

Once gambling and educating ourselves on each available product is eliminated, the only viable alternative is relying on a radiant heating expert or professional.  The good news is that Heatizon Systems and its Distributors have successfully attracted and/or trained the best people in the business.  Our electric radiant heat and snow melt experts are truly interested in understanding all of the alternative electric radiant products available and excited to help you determine which product best suites your budget and the needs of your project.

That alternative technologies exist is wonderful but the fact remains that often one technology is superior over the others for a given installation or project.  For example:  ZMesh is a wonderful product for in stallion between floor joists, under Hardibacker or Wonderboard, or under engineered or hard wood, but it is not the best product for installation into a concrete slab.