Welcome to the NEW Heatizon.com

Welcome to the NEW Heatizon.com

As if you hadn’t noticed, our Heatizon.com site is COMPLETELY new! You may be wondering why the drastic change? Here are a few reasons why we changed the site:

1. Focus on being Mobile-friendly.

We began to notice that our customers are increasingly visiting our site on various mobile devices. The demand for information that is mobile-friendly quickly became a priority to us, in order to give our customers and potential customers access to our radiant heat technology. Now, whether in a boardroom, office, or comfortably on the couch Heatizon.com will serve you better.

2. Streamline our information.

Over the next few months, we are making a consorted effort to streamline our data in order to make it more better for various parties to get the necessary key data points when needed. Phase one was to reorganize our website, while keeping some of the core structure the same.  Basically, we put the important info at the top and subsequent info deeper.  Phase two will revolve around us reorganizing our core documents making that information more usable to specific people/groups.

3. Expansion is coming!

The next year we are expanding our revolutionary product line to offer a wider-range of radiant heat products.  To facilitate expansion and further the growth of our continual growth of our existing product lines via our distributor network and our newest avenue, online retailer Amazon, we needed to revitalize our web presence.

4. Better serve our customers.

Heatizon has been in business for over 20 years due to our priority of putting our customers needs first. We welcome your feedback about our new website and hope that it helps you get the information you need faster.

We hope that you enjoy our new Heatizon.com makes your experience better and more productive.  Again, we welcome your feedback and general questions about anything… well…  anything radiant heating related that is.  info@heatizon.com