Our FAQs have been complied from our years in the radiant heating industry. Feel free to email us, with any questions you might have about our systems, applications or product lines.

General Heatizon Product Questions

All of our systems come with complete installation manuals and can be installed by any electrician, contractor, or experienced “do-it-yourselfer.”  An electrician is needed to supply the necessary power and to Control Unit location. We also offer installation DVD clips for an installation reference. Heatizon offers unlimited technical support to customers.

Yes they sure can, this would fall under our under roof deicing system, or in snow melting look under deck and using a Invizimelt system with Tuff Cable.

Yes you can resurface a retrofit. There are products that can resurface concrete using epoxies or polymers. It can be thin or thick depending on which product is chosen.

Line voltage products like Heatizon lines of MI Cables, Heatwave floor warming mats, and Self Regulating Cables are fed by a typical 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V, 480V and in some cases for MI Cables up to 600V AC power.  These products are either constant wattage single conductor or dual conductor or dual conductor self regulating.  High voltage products do not require a transformer and are an economical solution for many projects.  Typical high voltage products offer a lower warranty than low voltage products and more expensive circuit breaker components for outdoor applications than low voltage systems.  Low voltage products use a step down transformer to convert high voltage to low voltage. These systems are very easy to repair compared to high voltage products while using a safe low voltage power source.  Low voltage systems offer a higher warranty than their line voltage counterparts.  Heatizon offers such a wide range of product choices because each and every one has an application where they fit best offering our customers a choice for the best product to fit their budget and application.