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Radiant Buyers Guide

By Steven D. Bench, Managing Member, Heatizon Systems

The internet is a wonderful information communication tool that has enhanced the growth and profitability of many businesses, including Heatizon Systems.  But the internet also has made it difficult for purchasers to disquinish between good and poor products and ethical and unethical sellers.  The purpose of this article is to help prospective purchasers of Radiant Heating and Snow Melting Products get accurate product information and select sellers that are deserving of their business.

In the old days of brick and mortar the integrity and reputation of a product vender was policed by the marketplace.  The bad ones went out of business as their poor reputations quickly spread amongst friends and neighbors.  Honesty and fair dealing were rewarded with a fair and reasonable profit and longevity of the business.  Successful long term business owners relied on their good reputation and fair dealings to grow their business.

Along with the expansion of the internet, and the decline in the importance of brick and mortar locations, much more information and many more provider alternatives are at our fingertips but we know less about them.  The challenge for buyers is to sort through all of the information necessary to select those products and venders that best equipped to best satisfy their needs.  By seeking answers to each of the following questions prospective purchasers of Radiant Heating and Snow Melting Products will be able to identify the best products for their application and select the best provider to deal with.

Radiant Product Selection

  1. Is the product specifically designed to satisfy your need?
  2. Are specific instructions for your particular installation readily available for review prior to purchase?
  3. Does the product manufacturer offer conveniently accessible technical support?
  4. Is the product listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory such as ETL, UL, etc.?
  5. Will the manufacturer of the product provide you with a copy of the Authorization to Mark received from the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory?
  6. How long has the product been on the market?  Is the warranty period longer than the products proven track record?
  7. Is the manufacturer’s warranty available for review prior to purchase and does it meet your expectations?
  8. Where is the manufacturer of the product located?  Alternatively, where will you send the product in the event it needs repair or replacement?
  9. Is the product manufacturer a member of the Better Business Bureau?  If yes then is the business in good standing?
  10. Is the manufacturer available via telephone, U.S. mail and/or email?  Does the manufacturer have a street address or only a Post Office Box?

Provider Selection

  1. Is the prospective provider willing to share the name and contact information of the product manufacturer with you before you purchase anything?
  2. Have you been given the opportunity to review the warranty of each product under consideration?
  3. Is the prospective provider able and willing to effectively explain the advantages of his product offering relative to those offered by his competitors?  Do the recommended products satisfy your objectives?
  4. Does the recommended product selection take into consideration your needs and desires or did the prospective provider make a selection based on maximizing his profit or some other subjective selection criterion gimmick like “we offer only the best of the breed”.
  5. Does the prospective provider have a brick and mortar location and adequate inventory to satisfy your requirements or is he simply a front man with a website and telephone number?
  6. How long has each prospective provider been in business and does he have a reputation for fair and honest dealings?
  7. Has the ownership of the provider business been stable or has the ownership changes over the years it has been in business?
  8. Does the proposed price allow the provider to, make a reasonable profit and, stay in business to serve you in the future?

If you do not know the answer to each of the above questions and your alternative providers are unwilling or unable to answer them then I strongly encourage you to take your business else where.

Radiant Snow Melting – Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

An effective and efficient radiant snow melting system requires a great product, careful design, correct installation and automated activation.  If one of these four things is missing effectiveness and/or efficiency of the radiant snow melting system will be compromised and the customer’s expectations may not be satisfied.

A Great Product

What makes a great product?  I would submit to you that longevity, performance, quality, and service all play a very big roll in defining a great product.

Longevity can be estimated by history and warranty.  If a given product has a short warranty, or a warranty that is less than straight forward, and/or the company or its products has only been available for a short period of time then perhaps there is a reason for concern.  After all what is the average useful life of asphalt, concrete and brick or cement pavers?  Most people expect these surfaces to last many years into the future and history says that they certainly should.  Given that asphalt, concrete and brick or cement pavers should last for an extended period of time, it only make sense to ensure that only products with long life expectancies get embedded into or installed under them.

Performance is only achieved when expectations are realized and expectations can only be realized when the products value proposition has been properly explained.  In other words performance is in the eyes of the beholder.  So, prior to completing a purchase it is essential that you make certain that your radiant snow melt product vendor has explained, to your satisfaction, how a snow melt system works and what you can realistic expect it to do.

Quality is a very over used and often undelivered term.  A quality product will perform, over a long period of time, as it has been advertised or better.  Nothing more and nothing less.

Service is essential for any great product.  Without service and accessibility during problem times even the best of products show poorly.

Careful Design

Anyone can sell PEX tubing or high voltage or low voltage electric cables, along with the other components necessary to make a snow melt systems, but it takes a true professional to make certain that they are compatible and capable of delivering the desired performance in the most energy efficient manner possible.  Radiant snow melting professionals know and understand the products that they put into each design in order to satisfy the performance expectations of the customer and the requirements of geographic location and other variables of the project.

A good designer should also be willing and able to communicate the power and other energy requirements of the products that have been incorporated into the design.

Correct Installation

In addition to a careful design, good installation instructions and readily available technical support are essential in order for effectiveness and maximum efficiency to be realized.  Never under estimate the importance of having the ability to ask questions to a technical support department that has experience and speaks your language.

The difficulty of the installation of snow melt products covers a broad range, so it is important that the design and installation instructions be carefully followed.  Hydronic radiant snow melting products have many different components that must work in concert with one another in order for the promised value proposition to be achieved and the customer expectations to be satisfied.

While much simpler, in design and component count, than hydronic snow melt products, electric radiant snow melt products are just as effective at delivering performance.  Still it is essential that they be installed per the design and installation instructions

Warmzone Management LLC Relationship Ended and Best Wishes Extended


Murray, Utah – March 21, 2010, Heatwave Systems, LLC dba Heatizon Systems today announced that it has terminated its distribution arrangement with Warmzone Management LLC, a Salt Lake City, Utah based internet distributor of radiant heating and snow melting products.  In the announcement Heatizon Systems stated that it is very thankful for its past business with Warmzone and expressed best wishes to Warmzone’s fine employees.

Warmzone and Heatizon Systems have enjoyed a great deal of success over the years.  “Historically, Warmzone was instrumental in placing a significant amount of Heatizon Systems radiant floor warming, building heating, snow melt and roof snow melt and deicing products with discriminating customers and we are thankful for Warmzone’s contribution to our success,” according to Steven Bench, Managing Member of Heatizon Systems.

Mr. Bench concluded his remarks by saying, “This change in marketing direction is necessary because of Heatizon Systems increasing market presence and growing distributor network.  I have enjoyed working with the fine people at Warmzone and I wish them the best.”

Heatizon Systems manufactures and markets a complete line of award winning low and high voltage radiant products used to warm floors, heat buildings, melt snow and ice from roofs and melt snow from asphalt, concrete, and paver surfaces.  The company has been in business since 1996 and markets its products under the following trade names:  Cozy Heat, Floorizwarm, Heatwave, Hott Wire, Gutter Melt, Invizimelt, Tuff Cable, Tuff Cable in a Heatsink Kit, and ZMesh.  All of Heatizon Systems’ radiant products proudly carry the ETL mark showing that they have passed the rigorous standards of Underwriters Laboratories (“UL”) and the Canadian Standards Association (“CSA”).  Heatizon Systems products come with industry leading warranties.

For more information please visit or contact Ms. Heather Gwilliam at Heatizon Systems 4137 South 500 West, Murray, Utah 84123, (801) 293-1232 or

The Greenest of the Greens

Most of us are familiar with the green movement and have responded to it in ways we deem appropriate.  Regardless of ones particular opinion of the Green Movement, most of us believe in recycling where economically possible, utilizing the most energy efficient products available and buying products that will satisfy our needs for long periods of time in an effort to reduced waste at landfills.

Economical Recycling
Many things are done each day in the name of recycling but true recycling only occurs when the original product can be economically recycled into another useful product.  For example the technology does not exist to recycle a plastic milk jug into another plastic milk jug so it is necessary to subsidize turning the plastic milk jug into something like synthetic decking material.  Most metals on the other hand can be economically recycled into other metal products.  Heatizon Systems goes to great lengths to make its products out of materials that can be economically recycled adding a product benefit in the LEED ratings.

Energy Efficiency
Design plays an important role in any products ability to be energy efficient and to optimize its energy efficiency in a specific application.  The design necessary to get the most output from any energy input can take place prior to and during the manufacturing process of the product and/or it can take place in the design of the project into which a given project is to be installed.

In the hydronic radiant heating and snow melting business distributors commonly combine several individual products made by different companies into a package and sell it to the installer.  In order for the various products made by different companies to maximize their energy efficiency and performance it is essential that they be compatible and correctly selected.  Once combined, the energy efficiency of the project will be contingent upon the effectiveness of the design and the installation or implementation of that design.

Heatizon Systems takes a different approach.  Its engineers spend a great deal of time designing products that are compatible with one another so that the energy efficiency and performance are maximized.  As a result of these design efforts all of Heatizon Systems’ products are 99 to 100 percent energy efficient, are easy to install and perform as expected.

Radiant heating and snow melting products are no different than every other product available in that there is a direct correlation between the cost of making them and the quality and length of service they will deliver.  High quality products are made from materials that cost more but have long life expectancies.  The world’s landfills are full of products that were of low quality and designed to have relatively short service lives.  Heatizon Systems designs its products to perform for as long as the materials into which they will be embedded are reasonably expected to last.

Radiant Heating Benefits for Homeowners

Since installing Heatizon radiant heating systems inside my house, I’ve enjoyed even greater benefits than I anticipated.  Radiant heat systems offer a handful of other one-uppers to the traditional heating systems.  Here are a few I’ve enjoyed:

Comfortable:  Radiant heating systems are a more uniform heat that is distributed more evenly because it heats people and objects as the heat rises from the floor.  It’s just a different kind of heat.  When I walk in the room, not just the floor is warm, but everything in the room.  I love sitting in my previously cold basement, and feel cozy and comfortable all over.

Economical:  Since the more economical radiant heat warms the entire room, not just the floor, I have been able to lower my thermostat, which then decreases payments in peak winter months.  I’ve noticed a substantial reduction in heating costs. We dropped our thermostat three or four degrees, and I noticed about a 10 percent decrease in heating utilities.

Air Quality:  I suffer with allergies, asthma, and have a couple of cats to boot.  Radiant heating is a great choice for me because forced air heating tends to spread the dust around, and the ducts become inaccessible dust catchers.  The air quality in my home has been greatly improved.

Other Value:  Heatizon electric radiant heat products have the added value of being nearly 100% efficient, and requiring no fresh air venting or exhaust venting and being more efficient than forced air systems. Electric Heat products in particular are “Green” since they create no on site exhaust, they are made of predominantly recyclable materials, and they require no routine maintenance.

anonymous – satisfied homeowner

Hott-Wire & Cozy Heat Product Release


Heatizon Systems – Expands Its Product Line As It Continues to Warm the World’s Cold Spots

Murray, Utah, USA – February 18, 2010 – Heatizon Systems is please to announce that it now has a complete line of MI and Self-Regulating Cables.  Cozy Heat, GutterMelt, and Hott-Wire are the name brands under which Heatizon Systems will market the latest additions to its product line.

The latest addition to Heatizon Systems family of products have been designed to warm floors, melt snow and ice from roofs, gutters, and downspouts, heat entire spaces and snow melt asphalt, concrete and paver surfaces.  In addition, Heatizon Systems MI and Self-Regulating Cables are used to wrap pipes, valves, tanks and instrumentation to manage freezing concerns and or to maintain a desired flow temperature.

“Our MI and Self-Regulating cables carry industry leading warranties and come in a variety of different wattage outputs, power requirements and temperature tolerances.  These new products expand our product line as well as demonstrate Heatizon Systems commitment to delivering products that are designed to satisfy its customer’s needs while expanding the leading edge for our industry”, according to Steven Bench, Managing Member of Heatizon Systems.  Bench went on to say: “This is a particularly exciting time for Heatizon Systems because we are seeing our market research and related strategies come to fruition.”

Keeping with Heatizon Systems objectives the new MI and Self-Regulating Cables deliver the highest in quality and a competitive price.  In addition, the new products, like of the other members of the Heatizon Systems family of products, are 100 percent energy efficient.

Heatizon Systems markets products designed to: “Warm the Worlds Cold Spots” and sells its products under the following brand names:  Cozy Heat, Floorizwarm, Heatwave, Hott Wire, GutterMelt, Invizimelt, Radiant Trak, Tuff Cable, Tuff Cable in a Heatsink Kit, and ZMesh.

Heatwave Systems, LLC dba Heatizon Systems is a Murray, Utah based manufacturer of electric radiant heating and snow melting products.  All of the company’s products are listed to UL and CSA standards and carry the ETL mark.  The company has been in business since 1996.

For additional information regarding Heatizon Systems and/or its products please contact Heatizon Systems 4137 South 500 West Murray, Utah 84123, 801-293-1232 or

Choosing the right Snow Melting Product and its Warranty.

There are so many choices to choose from when deciding on a particular electric snow melting product, especially when you know nothing about it. Best price here, best warranty there, what should you believe? How many times does a consumer actually read the fine print in a warranty and actually understand it? Marketing warranties is a powerful tool to promote good ideas, bad ideas or to make inferior products look good while conveniently censuring their flaws from consumers.

Let’s take a look at the differences in snow melting manufacturer warranties.  There are tons of electric snow melting products on the market, but only a few technological bases to work from.  High voltage products can be grouped into one category and low voltage products into another.

If one were to read the fine print within the warranties, you may find requirements upon purchase, requirements after purchase, and other clauses to support the claim of the warranty period. When I think of a warranty it seems to me that it represents a manufacturer’s comfort level and faith in their product aligning with the cost and chance of it actually being their fault if it failed. Let’s work from the technological bases mentioned previously.

How does a constant wattage high voltage product work? High voltage products have small conductors encased in mineral insulators and various layers of material jackets.  These products are not your typical definition of a wire as most of us picture a wire in our head.  The majority of the material isn’t wire at all. The small conductors produce heat when high voltage electricity is passed through them.  The small conductor carries the stress of heating the entire jacket of “wire”, which passes to the object it is trying to warm.  Over time these small conductors take on so much stress from the beginning they begin to break down and they eventually burn out.  Typical for high voltage products at first fell in the range of 2 years or less and some still do today.

How does a constant wattage low voltage product work?  A constant wattage low voltage product (Tuff Cable) uses stranded copper with a special outer protecting jacket (specifically designed for the system) similar to the wiring used in a home as the conductor. A Tuff Cable System bares little stress on the cable when operating due to its low voltage output and resistance heating technology using the entire copper conductor inside.  A Tuff Cable low voltage system also has a built in controller that constantly monitors the system for safety and relays this info to the end user. The warranty for a low voltage system (Tuff Cable) is 25 years.

Warranties really make a statement about a product and typically it’s the first thing an end user researches.
High Voltage products began to receive increased warranties due to the fact that they were uncompetitive and the manufacturers knew the warranties could never be validated after being embedded in concrete for their 5-10 year lifecycle. Check out this class action lawsuit at for Easy Heat. The settlement states that the cable was defective, however in reality it just spent its lifecycle and it took a HUGE lawsuit by consumer organizations in three states to actually prove that their warranty term was just too long to expect for a high voltage product. Also the warranty text for many high voltage products can be summed up as creative wording.  “10 years, 5x cost” sounds pretty good on paper, however may be impossible to prove. Most installation procedures require a megger test for high voltage products to be conducted at the time of purchase, after installation and once a year with documentation to make the warranty valid. Here is a link about megger tests

most manufacturers require the end user to be able to prove a defect. Who is going to be able to prove to a manufacturer that it was their flaw in the product after tearing it out of CONCRETE? I would not want to take on the task picking out wire intact while breaking up concrete with a jackhammer. Take one minute….picture the scenario……impossible, right? Now let’s have a look at the warranty periods. Heatizon was the first to provide a 25 year warranty on Tuff Cable, the reasoning for such a long term is because of the technology. The heating element will last that long and probably longer as long as it is installed correctly due to the characteristics described previously.
High voltage snow melting equipment manufacturers as well as their dealer counterparts will continue to extend un-obtainable warranties, this is inevitable, what you can do to prevent deception is read between the lines, do some research and inform yourself about how the different products work so you can make the best decision, and not leave it up to the salesman.

Invizimelt Roof Product Release


October 23, 2009

Heatizon Systems releases Invizimelt a revolutionary new product designed to go under metal roof covering material, flashing, and valley metal to melt snow and ice.

Murray, Utah, USA  October 23, 2009
The latest member to Heatizon Systems family of products designed to melt snow and ice from the eaves and valleys of roofs was introduced by Heatizon Systems last July in Reno at the annual convention and meeting of the Western States Roofers Association but it was not in full production and available for purchase until today.

Invizimelt joins Heatizon Systems Tuff Cable in a Heatsink Kit as the only products available to be installed under metal roofing materials. Invizimelt expands Heatizon Systems product offering and demonstrates Heatizon Systems commitment to deliver products that are designed to satisfy its customers needs and expand the leading edge for our industry according to Steven Bench, Managing Member of Heatizon Systems. Bench went on to say, This is a particularly exciting time for Heatizon Systems because we are seeing our research and development efforts produce product offerings that are meeting the needs of our customers.

Invizimelt is an innovative new heatsink system made primarily of aluminum, rather than the traditional gypsum or backer board that has typically been used in the installation of cable heating element for roofs and decks. The Invizimelt system is installed under the metal roofing materials, and has pre-formed channels that Heatizon Tuff Cable heating element is inserted in. The Invizimelt Panels are light and easy to handle, and can be attached to the subroof quickly and easily in a series of straight panels and curved turns.

Like all of Heatizon Systems under-roof snow melt and deicing products, Invizimelt is designed to deliver the following value propositions:
a) Removes snow and ice from the roof surface;
b) Controls icicles;
c) Provides an exit path for water to escape the roof;
d) Eliminates ice dams;
e) Does not distract from the beauty of the structure; and,
f) Utilizes Heatizon Systems Tuff Cable which comes with an industry leading 25 year warranty.

In addition, Heatizon Systems Roof Snow Melt and De-icing products are 100 percent energy efficient.

Heatizon Systems makes products designed to warm floors, heat buildings, melt snow and ice off of roofs and melt snow off of asphalt, concrete and paver surfaces. In addition to Invizimelt, the company markets its products under the following brand names: Cozy Heat, Floorizwarm, Heatwave, Hott Wire, GutterMelt, Tuff Cable, Tuff Cable in a Heatsink Kit, and ZMesh.

Heatwave Systems, LLC dba Heatizon Systems is a Murray, Utah based manufacturer of electric radiant heating and snow melting products. All of the companys products are listed to UL and CSA standards and carry the ETL mark. The company has been in business since 1995.

For additional information regarding Heatizon Systems and/or its products please contact a Heatizon Systems Distributor, or Steve Bench at Heatizon Systems 4137 South 500 West, Murray, Utah 84123, 801-293-1232 or

How to Void a Heatizon Systems Warranty

By Steve Bench

Heatizon Systems skilled craftsmen make its radiant heating and snow melting products out of the finest materials available. To support its high quality objectives each of Heatizon Systems products carry industry leading Warranties that are straight forward and cover all defects in materials and workmanship for the entire warranty period. For those select customers that desire to have additional warranty coverage Heatizon Systems offers several different Extended Warranty Plans. Check with your Heatizon Systems distributor for additional details of Heatizon Systems Warranty and Extended Warranty Plans.

Regardless of the product, or the company that makes it, prospective customers should read the entire warranty rather than just the portions that are in large bold print. Why? Often times the most important terms and conditions of the warranty are in the smallest of print while the most emotionally stimulating terms are in the bold and/or most colorful print.

Heatizon Systems primary objective is to have its customers have a great experience with its products both today and for years into the future. By satisfying a few simple requirements Heatizon Systems Warranties will be effective and cover your Heatizon Systems products for the entire warranty period. Those requirements are:

1) Do not abuse, alter, misuse or improperly install your Heatizon Systems product;

2) Do not integrate components not approved by or purchased from Heatizon Systems into your Heatizon Systems product;

3) Do not forget to complete and return the Warranty Card for your Heatizon Systems product.

Heatizon Systems prides itself in offering its fine customers Warranties that are straight forward, comprehensive and long term.

Floorizwarm Bathroom Heating Kits

By Cy Sherwood

Floorizwarm Low Voltage Heating Kits warm cold floor surfaces, and can also offer a solution for space heating needs in areas 110 square feet and smaller. Floorizwarm systems are designed to be spaced at specific intervals and lengths to produce a specified amount of heat per square foot. The Floorizwarm systems can deliver 7.5 to 15 watts per square feet and cover 15 to 110 square feet of floor areas. Installing Floorizwarm in bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, and other living areas turns rooms into comfortably warm environments at an economical price. Floorizwarm is listed by ETL to conform to UL Standards. The Tuff Cable heating element can be installed in Bathrooms and in Shower areas. The Floorizwarm Heating Element must always be installed in a heat sink, such as concrete, light-weight concrete or mortar bed, or Heatizon Heatsink Kit. Utilizing state of the art components, the Floorizwarm System has no moving parts to fail, and no water lines to break or crack. Add a 25 year warranty on the Floorizwarm Tuff Cable element, and you are guaranteed to have years of trouble free comfort. Each Floorizwarm AC model comes complete with the following materials: One Power Unit requires 120 volts AC with 15 amp breaker. Power Unit Dimensions 7H X 6.5W X 4.5D. One 7 day Programmable M337 Thermostat and 15 in floor remote bulb sensor requires a 120 volt AC 12/2 Wire from M337 Thermostat to the Power Unit. Floorizwarm Heating Element is a pre-measured length and will easily conforms to your area and satisfy your needs for warmth and comfort. Cold Lead 20 which connects the heating cable to the Control Box. Installation Manual all Installation Fasteners and Hardware.

Floorizwarm Systems for any area 110sqft and less.

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