For quick and easy installation in square or rectangular spaces, the Heatwave mat is the perfect solution. Simply rollout, flip, turn and embed to quickly add steady, even heat to your floor. The Heatwave mats are configured to provide 12 watts per square foot of efficient, reliable radiant heat.

Standard Heatwave mat kits come with a programmable thermostat and Heatwave Premium kits come with a the touchscreen thermostat.

120 Versus 240 Volts

Using multiple mats, install up to 150 square feet of mats using 120 volts, or about 300 square feet on 240 volts. An easy way to add supplemental floor heat to larger spaces, without large electrical demands.

Choose the Right Size

When choosing a Heatwave mat for your space, sizing is crucial. The Heatwave heating element CANNOT be cut or shortened in any way, they are engineered to be the length they are. While the cable can be taken out of the mat to accommodate for small sub-spaces, and the mesh can be cut/altered, the heating element cannot be cut or shortened. Take measurements of your space, subtracting for vanities, tubs, toilets, showers (if you do not wish to heat them), and any other fixtures. Once you have the measurements, choose a system that is the next size DOWN. Example: if the area you wish to heat is 38 square feet (this measurement EXCLUDES vanities, tub and toilet), then choose either the 35 square foot or 30 square foot system.


Model Number (120v)Coverage
HW2012-10010-15 sqft
HW2012-15015-20 sqft
HW2012-20020-25 sqft
HW2012-25025-35 sqft
HW2012-30030-40 sqft
HW2012-35035-45 sqft
HW2012-40040-50 sqft
HW2012-50050-60 sqft
HW2012-60060-70 sqft
HW2012-70070-80 sqft
HW2012-80080-90 sqft
HW2012-90090-100 sqft
HW2012-1000100-115 sqft
Model Number (240v)Coverage
HW2012-400B40-50 sqft
HW2012-500B50-60 sqft
HW2012-600B60-70 sqft
HW2012-700B70-80 sqft
HW2012-800B80-90 sqft
HW2012-900B90-100 sqft
HW2012-1000B100-115 sqft
HW2012-1100B110-120 sqft
HW2012-1200B120-145 sqft
HW2012-1450B145-160 sqft
HW2012-1600B160-175 sqft

Additional preconfigured sizes up to 150 square feet, 120 volts, with differing thermostat options are available at

For coverages smaller than 10 square feet see the Heatwave Cable, for sizes larger, consider a multiple mat system.

Where to buy

The Heatwave mat system is available at several locations:

  • More Heat: Every Heatwave imaginable, mat, cable, thermostat and accessory.
  • Wayfair: Standard kits, mats or cables 120 or 240 volts.
  • Radiant Shop: Standard kits, or custom-built systems are available:
  • Amazon: Standard Kits and Premium cable kits are available:
  • Global Industrial: Standard Kits or individual cables are available:
  • Heatizon Distributor: All Heatizon distributors can assist in ordering custom or large Heatwave orders: Distributors


Once you have chosen the correct size system, consult our complete guide for how to install the Heatwave mat.

Need Support?

Heatizon is known for providing superior support before, during, and after installation of the Heatwave mat. Give us a call should you have more questions.