Heatizon Systems is glad to offer product phone support for the SnowMeltz® product. It is VERY important to have read this manual first. Please have your resistance test numbers and system model name/number available BEFORE calling for technical support.

The SnowMeltz® Heating Cable comes in pre-established lengths that have been designed to deliver a specified heat density. Therefore, it is essential that all of the SnowMeltz® Heating Element contained in the kit be installed. Do not cut or alter the heating cable in any way.

In order to minimize the risk of damage to the SnowMeltz® Heating Cable, Heatizon Systems recommends that the SnowMeltz® Cable be installed immediately prior to the installation of the cementitious material that goes over it.

Never cross the SnowMeltz® Heating Cable over itself or any other conductor or wire.

When installing Heatizon Systems products, strict compliance with the National Electrical Code, local Building Codes, and Heatizon’s Installation Manual is essential.

It is highly recommend to take photographs to document the installed SnowMeltz® for future
reference before completing installation.

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