The SnowMeltz system can be paired with a variety of manual and automatic activators. Heatizon has the best options to make the SnowMeltz system work efficiently and effectively. Heatizon also designs systems with relay panels with or without GFEP protection, backed by Heatizon’s in-depth knowledge of radiant heating systems.

The SnowMeltz mats provide either 37 or 50 watts per square foot, regardless of voltage. 37-watt models are ideal for light commercial or residential applications, 50-watt models are primarily designed for commercial/industrial applications. The flexibility of SnowMeltz is further expressed in being able to choose from 208, 240 or 277 volts.

The simple and quick installation allows for anyone from DIYers to contractors to add snow melting to exterior surfaces. By embedding SnowMeltz into concrete, asphalt or in a sand bed below pavers, the surface gets to be snow & ice free.

Choose the Right Size

When choosing a SnowMeltz mat for your space, sizing is crucial. The SnowMeltz heating element CANNOT be cut or shortened in any way, they are engineered to be the length they are. While the cable can be taken out of the mat to accommodate for small sub-areas, and the mesh can be cut/altered, the heating element cannot be cut or shortened. Take measurements of your space and choose a system that is the next size DOWN. Example: if the area you wish to heat is 53 square feet then choose either the 50 square foot or 45 square foot system.

Coverage by Voltage/Wattage

208 Volts/50 Watts Per SQFT
SM-50W208-1010-15 Square feet
SM-50W208-1515-25 Square feet
SM-50W208-2525-35 Square feet
SM-50W208-3535-45 Square feet
SM-50W208-45*45-50 Square feet
SM-50W208-60*60-70 Square feet
SM-50W208-75*75-85 Square feet
SM-50W208-100*100-110 Square feet
208 Volts/37 Watts Per SQFT OR
240 Volts/50 Watts Per SQFT
SM-50W240-37W208-1515-20 Square feet
SM-50W240-37W208-2020-30 Square feet
SM-50W240-37W208-3030-35 Square feet
SM-50W240-37W208-3535-45 Square feet
SM-50W240-37W208-45*45-50 Square feet
SM-50W240-37W208-60*60-70 Square feet
SM-50W240-37W208-75*75-85 Square feet
SM-50W240-37W208-110*110-120 Square feet
240 Volts/37 Watts Per SQFT OR
277 Volts/50 Watts Per SQFT
SM-50W277-37W240-1010-15 Square feet
SM-50W277-37W240-1515-20 Square feet
SM-50W277-37W240-2020-25 Square feet
SM-50W277-37W240-2525-35 Square feet
SM-50W277-37W240-3535-40 Square feet
SM-50W277-37W240-4040-45 Square feet
SM-50W277-37W240-4545-50 Square feet
SM-50W277-37W240-5050-60 Square feet
SM-50W277-37W240-60*60-70 Square feet
SM-50W277-37W240-75*75-85 Square feet
SM-50W277-37W240-85*85-95 Square feet
SM-50W277-37W240-100*100-110 Square feet
SM-50W277-37W240-130*130-140 Square feet

*For coverage for gaps between mat sizes, it is advised to pair up two mats to equal the area needed to be covered. EXAMPLE: A 70sqft area using 208 volts at 50 watts per sqft, the solution would be to use a 60 and 10 sqft mats combined. The two mats SHOULD NOT exceed the total space being heated.

Complete Kits

SnowMeltz are available in pre-made kits in various sizes from 10 square feet to 1040 square feet. The kits come with the SnowMeltz mat(s), an automatic moisture & temperature activator, jumpers, and a contactor panel for larger systems. Kits are designed to use 240 volts, and range from single 20 amp circuits, to multiple 30, 40 or 50 amp circuits.

Complete SnowMeltz Kits

Where to buy

SnowMeltz systems and kits are available at several places:

  • Amazon: Single-circuit kits complete with an automatic activator, jumper kit and SnowMeltz mat. Kits are only available as a 240 volt, 37-watt per square foot option.
  • Radiant Shop: All voltages/wattages are available to create custom kits, or purchase only the SnowMeltz mats here.
  • Distributors: Reach out to have a custom SnowMeltz system for a variety of areas, with panels, and differing variables.


Once you have chosen the correct size system, consult our complete guide for how to install the SnowMeltz system.

Need Support?

Heatizon is known for providing superior support before, during, and after installation of the SnowMeltz system. Give us a call should you have more questions.