Category: Repairs

Should you need to repair a SnowMeltz mat that has been cut and/or damaged, please contact Heatizon systems, for instructions. 888-239-1232

Category: Repairs

Please note, DO NOT attempt to cut or shorten the SnowMeltz mat in order to fit into a smaller area.

If a SnowMeltz mat is accidently cut/damaged BEFORE it is embedded, call Heatizon (888-239-1232) for information about obtaining a repair kit.

If the SnowMeltz mat has been damaged and is already embedded, but the location of the damage is unknown, Heatizon has developed a process to locate the approximate location of the damage. Contact Heatizon to learn about this method (888-239-1232). Please note, this method has two stipulations:

1. A layout of the SnowMeltz mat for how it is installed.

2. If there is more than one damaged area, only one repair can be done at a time.

Category: Installation

Should you end up with a few extra linear feet of excess mat, the best practice would be to either tighten up spacing to no less than 2 inches and the heating element cannot be touching or overlap itself, or other conduit or cables.


Category: Activators

For SnowMeltz systems with M326 series activators, a solid green light mean that the activator has power, but is not heating. A blinking green light indicates that the system should be powering on the SnowMeltz system.

Category: Repairs

If the M326A activator has a blinking light, but it appears that the system is not heating, follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure the SnowMeltz system/incoming power/activator are wired correctly. NOTE: M326 series activators only switch one leg of 240 volt power.
  2. Check resistance of your SnowMeltz mat to ensure it is working properly.

If the system has damage, consult the following FAQ. (Repairs)

Contact Heatizon Systems for more help. 888-239-1232

Category: Returns

If your SnowMeltz mat is too big for the area, DO NOT cut it to make it fit, if you are unable to safely fit the mat into the area you have, follow these instructions:

  1. If purchased from a distributor, contact that distributor about return/exchange policy.
  2. If purchased from Amazon, and it has been less than 30 days from purchase, contact them for a return.
  3. if purchased is older than 30 days from Amazon, Heatizon can exchange your mat for a smaller size, however restocking and shipping fees may apply. Please contact us for more information: 888-239-1232.
Category: Activators

The M326A activator MUST be located outside and close to the area where the SnowMeltz system has been installed. Be sure that the sensor head is not being obstructed from receiving moisture. The system will NOT activate if the top sensor head does not detect moisture.