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Planning The Installation

Before laying the Heatwave® Cable or Mat Floor Warming System, review the installation layout and verify that all dimensions match the need of the project. The installation plan should include the following:

  1. Placement, direction, and dimensions of the Heatwave® Cable or Mat.
  2. The starting and ending points of each Heating Cable length or Mat size.
  3. The location of the thermostat or other suitable activation.
  4. The location of the floor sensor between two heating cables.

REMEMBER! The installation plan* for each area should be retained and be provided to the building owner when the installation is complete.

*It is recommended that photographs be taken to document the installation of the layout.

Installation Considerations


  1. Completely inspect the Heatwave® System immediately upon its arrival and report any damage to Heatizon Systems and the delivery party.
  2. Clean the floor of all debris before placing the mat/cable on the floor.
  3. Make sure there are no protruding objects (nails, staples, etc.) on the subfloor that could damage the heating element.
  4. Walk over the unprotected Cable/Mat with rubber soled shoes.
  5. Measure and record Cable/Mat resistance according to the instructions.
  6. Use Cables/Mats connected to the same controller or used in the same room or area, that have the same heat output. i.e. ALL Cables/Mats should be EITHER 10 watts/sq. ft. OR ALL 15 watts/sq. ft.
  7. Make sure all components of the system are rated for the same Voltage (120V OR 240V).
  8. Have all electrical work completed by a professional electrician in accordance with all local and national codes and regulations.
  9. Call our Technical Support Hot line at 888-239-1232, for answers to installation questions, help solving a problem, or believe that the Heatwave® system was cut or damaged during installation.


  1. DON’T cut the red heating wire.
  2. DON’T POWER ON the Heatwave® system until COMPLETELY EMBEDDED in cementious material
  3. DON’T drop or bang any tools (i.e. trowel) on or hit the heating wires with any sharp objects.
  4. DON’T install any fasteners such as nails, screws, etc. through any area covered by the Heatwave® Cable/Mat.
  5. DON’T shorten the spacing in the Mat.
  6. DON’T install Heatwave® under cabinets, built-in appliances, etc. to avoid excessive heat from building up in those areas.
  7. DON’T install Cables/Mats over expansion joints.
  8. DON’T install Heatwave® in walls.
  9. DON’T overlap Cables/Mats or allow any wires to cross or touch each other.
  10. DON’T crimp the heating wire while customizing the mat
  11. DON’T place high/thick insulating objects over the heated area to avoid excessive build-up of heat in these areas.
  12. DON’T forget to install the floor sensor.
  13. DON’T attempt to repair cut or damaged heating wire without contacting Heatizon Systems first 888-239-1232.
  14. DON’T install the Heatwave® system within 6” of a wax toilet gasket.

Important Safeguards and Warnings

WARNING: Shock and fire hazard

  • If the Heatwave® System is damaged or not installed properly, fire or shock could occur resulting in serious personal injuries or damage to property. Carefully follow the warnings and instructions contained in this manual.
  • It is important that this equipment is installed only by qualified persons who are familiar with the proper sizing, installation, construction and operation of floor warming systems and the hazards involved.
  • The installation must comply with all national and local electrical codes. Consult the authority in the jurisdiction familiar with these requirements, either the NEC (National Electric Code), CSA (Canadian Standard Association) should there be any questions.
  • The Heatwave® System is designed for under floor heating purposes only. Be sure that the floor is not penetrated by nails, screws, or similar devices that can cause damage during and after installation or during subsequent or future floor work.
  • If the Heatwave® System is damaged, it must be replaced or repaired. To repair or to splice any part of the system, use only Heatizon Heatwave® Repair Kit (part number HWRPKIT).

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General Information

The instructions in this manual must be followed when preparing and installing the Heatwave® Cable or Mat Floor Warming System. This manual and the installation layout should be made available to all contractors and installers working on the job. Both should then be turned over to the building owner after the installation is complete.


Temperature and Time Control
For optimal control of the Heatwave® floor warming system, contact a Heatizon Systems
distributor for a variety of floor sensing thermostat options.

The Heatwave® floor warming system has no moving parts and is virtually maintenance-free. The GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), internal to the thermostat if Heatizon Systems supplied it, should be tested monthly as described in the manufacturer’s pamphlet to ensure its continued safe operation. If an external GFCI is utilized instead, it should be tested monthly.

Heatwave® may be installed over any well insulated subfloor (i.e. plywood, concrete, or underlayment material) prepared in accordance with the most recent TCA (Tile Council of America) guidelines.

Floor Coverings
Heatwave® will be most effective if installed under rigid floors that are naturally good conductors of heat such as ceramic tile, marble, and other stone floorings. There are additional requirements for applications that utilize different floor coverings. For heating wall-to-wall carpeting, parquet, laminate or engineered wood floors and vinyl or linoleum flooring, a thicker heatsink bed is recommended for floating applications and glued down floor. A 1” to 1.5” spacing is recommended between the heating cable and the surface of the floor.

Heatwave® will be most effective and efficient if installed over well-insulated areas. Insulation will minimize heat loss into the subfloor (i.e. concrete slab), allowing the heat to transfer to the surface more quickly.

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Heatizon Systems is glad to offer product phone support for the Heatwave product. It is VERY important to have read this manual first. Please have your resistance test numbers and system model name/number available BEFORE calling for technical support.


The Heatwave® Heating Cable comes in pre-established lengths that have been designed to deliver a specified heat density. Therefore, it is essential that all of the Heatwave® Heating Element contained in the kit be installed. Do not cut or alter the red heating cable in any way.

In order to minimize the risk of damage to the Heatwave® Heating Cable, Heatizon Systems
recommends that the Heatwave® Cable be installed immediately prior to the installation of the cementitious material that goes over it.

Never cross the Heatwave® Heating Cable over itself, the in-floor sensor wire, or any other conductor or wire.

When installing Heatizon Systems products, strict compliance with the National Electrical Code, local Building Codes, and Heatizon’s Installation Manual is essential.

It is highly recommend to take photographs to document the installed Heatwave® for future
reference before installing the flooring.

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