The Heatwave Electric Radiant Heating System is the best on the market. With easy installation, product longevity, and options for various size spaces, it is the top choice for electric radiant floor heat.

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Where to buy

The Heatwave cable system is available at several locations:

  • More Heat: Every Heatwave imaginable, mat, cable, thermostat and accessory.
  • Wayfair: Standard kits, mats or cables 120 or 240 volts.
  • Radiant Shop:¬†Standard kits, or custom-built systems are available:¬†
  • Amazon: Standard Kits and Premium cable kits are available:
  • Global Industrial: Standard Kits or individual cables are available:
  • Heatizon Distributor: All Heatizon distributors can assist in ordering custom or large Heatwave orders: Distributors

Installation Step-by-Step

Heatwave installation procedures for Heatwave cables and mats.

Thermostats & Accessories

  • Thermostats: Get details about all the available thermostats for the Heatwave system.
  • Accessories: Helpful information about items to help install your Heatwave system.


Have some questions about installing or using your Heatwave system, check out our troubleshooting/frequently asked questions, need more help, give us a call: 888-239-1232, open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (Mountain Standard Time).