M326ARS-2Z Activation Device

The M326ARS/M326ARS-2Z is an automatic temperature and moisture sensor that switches up to 30 amps (M326ARS) and up to two 30 amp loads (M326ARS-2Z). Both have a remote moisture sensor that can be located in a location up to 10 feet away from the main unit, providing for better moisture gathering placement.

For wiring the M326ARS, please refer to the primary SnowMeltz Manual wiring diagram for the M326A as wiring for both units is the same.

Wiring the M326ARS-2Z using two circuits is as follows:

Important: DO NOT OVERLOAD CIRCUITS Connect SnowMeltz mats in proper way to ensure adequate load balancing.

M326ARS/M326ARS-2Z Location

The M326ARS/M326ARS-2Z must be located outside for accurate temperature/moisture reading. The main unit can be mounted on an exterior wall or to a post, provided that all necessary electrical connections can be made. The moisture sensor should be located in such a way that it receives the same
exposure to falling moisture as the area being controlled. The sensor head can be located up to 10 feet
away from the main M326ARS/M326ARS-2Z unit.

From the pictures, you can see the main unit and remote sensor are mounted in separate locations
in order to maximize moisture detection.

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