Electrical Connections

The connection of the power supply and the activation device must be done by a qualified electrician in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). Refer to the wiring diagram included with the activation device and/or panel(s).

Electrical Requirements:

120 or 277 VAC — Single Phase
208, 240, or 480 VAC — Two Phase

The grounding shield from the Cold Lead(s) must be wired to Ground for all primary power installations. Section 426 of the NEC requires that each circuit to the heating cable be protected with a ground fault equipment protection devices.

Expanded SnowMeltz Kits have specific circuit design/load balancing requirements, please see: CIRCUIT DESIGN

Heatizon recommends that photographs of the installed heating cable be taken and/or hand drawings documenting the layout be completed prior to before installing the asphalt, concrete, pavers, stone or tile.

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