Area Preparation

Ensure that the substrate has been properly compacted and drainage has been satisfactorily addressed. For substrate preparation and concrete recommendations please refer to page 1 of this manual for “A FEW CONCRETE SUGGESTIONS”. Other site preparation recommendations include, cleaning up the site to eliminate objects that may damage the heating element prior to, during and after the installation.

Use the site sketch to transfer the following information to the site.

  • Identify and mark the location of any and all joints if the heating cable or mat will be installed into a new asphalt or a concrete slab, Do not forget to use jumpers for any and all joints.
  • Determine the location of the starting points of the heating element and the exit points for the cold leads. Connections must be embedded in asphalt, concrete, or other cementitious material.
  • Determine the location of the activation device. If using an in-slab temperature or temperature/moisture sensor, mark the location for the activation device and install a conduit sleeve for the lead wire to the in-slab sensor. An automated activator is the “eyes and ears” of the snow melt system. It is important that it be installed in a location that will allow it to turn the snow melt system “on” when it is needed and “off” when it is not needed. Verify the proper location has been selected for the activation device. Manual activators require human action—as a result they should be placed in a location that is convenient and easily accessible.

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