Important Safeguards and Warnings

WARNING: Shock and fire hazard

  • If the SnowMeltz® System is damaged or not installed properly, fire or shock could occur resulting in serious personal injuries or damage to property. Carefully follow the warnings and instructions contained in this manual.
  • It is important that this equipment is installed only by qualified persons who are familiar with the proper sizing, installation, construction and operation of floor warming systems and the hazards involved.
  • The installation must comply with all national and local electrical codes. Consult the authority in the jurisdiction familiar with these requirements, the NEC (National Electric Code), or CSA (Canadian Standard Association) should there be any questions.
  • The SnowMeltz® System is designed for Concrete, Asphalt, and Sand (paver) exterior heating purposes only. Be sure that the surface will be completed in such a way to not cause mechanical damage to this system in the future.
  • If the SnowMeltz® System is damaged, it must be replaced or repaired. To repair or to splice any part of the system, use only Heatizon SnowMeltz® Repair Kit (part number SMRPKIT).

General Guidelines

Use of the Manual

This manual describes the SnowMeltz® heating system — how to design the space, select
the product, and install the system. It is important to thoroughly review this manual and the
Activator Installation and Operation Manual prior to installation.

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Safety Guidelines

The safety and reliability of any snow melting system depends on proper design, installation, and testing. Incorrect installation or mishandling of the product can cause damage to the heating cable, system components and property, and can create a risk of fire or shock. The guidelines and instructions contained in this manual are important. Follow them carefully to minimize these risks and to ensure that the SnowMeltz® System performs as designed.

The SnowMeltz systems are engineered to achieve specific heat output for the square footage to which they are designed. Cutting the heating cable to fit a space is extremely dangerous and can result in a fire. Do not cut the heating cable to avoid an obstacle or fixture, use other methods as described in this manual. Make sure to avoid damaging/cutting the heating cable during/after the installation of the substrate by being aware of all heating cable locations.

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