SnowMeltz® System

SnowMeltz® Specifications & Electrical Connections

Cable ConstructionTwin Conductor
Rated Voltage120VAC to 600VAC
Output12 watts/ft max.
LengthRefer to Individual Product Labels
Cable Diameter0.24” to 0.35”
Cable TypeConstant Wattage
Conductor InsulationFluoropolymer
Outer InsulationCross-Linked XLPE
Protective ScreenTinned Copper
Outer JacketCross-Linked Halogen Free Fire Retardant
Polyolefin with UV Protection
Heating Endurance-22°F(-30°C) to 194°F(90C)
Short Term Heating
Endurance for Asphalt
464°F(240°C) not to exceed 30 minutes
Minimum Spacing2”
Standard Spacing3” to 6”
Cap Thickness2” to 4” max
Bending Radius6D** (approx. 2”)
Thermal Resistance464°F(240°C) – Do not to exceed 30 minutes

120V and 277V

PHASECopper Element
(Cold Lead)
NEUTRALCopper Element
(Cold Lead)
GROUNDShield Braid
(Cold Lead)

208V, 240V and 480V Connection

PHASECopper Element
(Cold Lead)
PHASECopper Element
(Cold Lead)
GROUNDShield Braid
(Cold Lead)

SnowMeltz® Labels on mat include the following information:

  • Listing information
  • Serial number
  • Size of mat
  • Allowable voltages for product
  • Amps at selected voltage
  • Ohms of cable
  • Total Watts generated
  • Number of conductors
  • Watts per foot (at voltage)

It is important that heating cable be installed only by qualified persons who are familiar with the proper sizing, installation, construction and operation of snow melting systems and the hazards involved. Heating cable products are designed for in and under concrete, asphalt, and paver snow melt applications.

  • Article 426 of the NEC requires ground fault protection for line voltage equipment embedded in a noncombustible medium. Check local building codes and regulations for ground fault protection device (i.e. GFCI, GFEP, etc. ) requirements when installing all heating cable products.
  • Do not bend heating cable within 3” of a termination or connection between the heating element and the cold lead. Heating cables cannot cross or touch one another.
  • Article 426 of the NEC limits embedded deicing and snow melting equipment to a maximum of 1300 watts/m² (120 watts/ft²) of heated area.
  • Store the heating cable in a dry place up to the resistance temperature of the jacket 194°F (90°C).
  • Minimum installation temperature is 23°F (-5°C)
  • Read the instructions carefully before installing SnowMeltz® system.
  • Remember to measure the resistance four times.
  • The heating cable cannot be cut to length, crossed over itself, or installed too close to itself.
  • Remember to check that the supply voltage matches the voltage of the SnowMeltz® system.
  • Remember to place the labels as written in this instruction.
  • Only for outdoor installation, not for roofs.

Please consult Heatizon Systems for any other questions.

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